The thing we love about the whimsical weddings is the “free to be me” attitude. Lace adorning vintage bottles filled with country bunches with moss and rockrose aloes as centrepieces for a modern but dainty twist. Neutral cream rose patterned linen blend with the lace detailing and continue the dainty wedding theme. Hessian runners with lace edging give it that raw country appeal and to highlight this further, utilize tree trunk discs as plateliners or in the centrepieces to give height variations.

Think bell jars, vintage bottles, mix and match vases filled with blush pink and cream roses filling the table with floral joy. We love the idea of this style being showcased in a misty forest, amongst the tall trees, the smell of pine permeating the air. The guests relaxing on wooden stumps as seats in awe of a beautiful bride in a long lace dress, a floral coronet perched beautifully on her head. An outdoor reception with hanging café lights, long wooden tables and quirky country styled food stations like donut or s ’more bars ………what an absolute dream!