Wedding Trends 2016

Wedding Trends 2016

Wedding Trends

Our first blog post! And what could be a more awesome way to start than showing you all what we think are the 5 most exciting wedding trends for 2016. The thing we love most about wedding décor trends is that the trends don’t follow fashion or accessories, they develop, they grow from the previous trends but still keep the same sentiments and styles but with an added twist and it’s easy to compliment by adding the old with the new to create something that is truly you. Below is our list to inspire, to delight and to make them yours, to create a wedding experience that is drool-worthy!

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Wedding and event designers and co-ordinators are always looking to install big statement pieces, and backdrop installations are blowing up on the trend boards across the globe, ranging from paper floral backdrops to huge botanical inspired arches. They give a chance to create something truly unique and beautiful for each and every bride and groom to showcase their own personalities.  The beauty of installations like these is that they don’t have to be expensive, couples are able to create their own whimsical take on backdrops to suit their wedding themes, by utilising DIY crafts such as ribbons , pom poms or oversized paper floral blooms. The one that stand out for us and gives us hearts in our eyes are the intricate paper floral backdrop installations, they are truly mind-blowingly fabulous.

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With the greenery trend super strong last year, along with overhead centrepieces and more and more couples mixing the two trends to create fabulous hanging centrepieces as the showstoppers of their wedding décor, this year we just can’t help thinking that we want them bigger and MUCH bigger. Hanging centrepieces aren’t by any means a new thing in terms of wedding trends, they are a great talking point, they give up huge amounts of space on your tables for plenty other amazing décor, guests can see you at your main table and they are just down right fabulous. So this year we challenge our brides to go BIG, with big hanging florals overflowing with bright blooms and botanical inspired greenery displays. And don’t stop there; carry this theme throughout, why not! Another trend this year is impressive floral displays, with floral arches and canopies over main table, paper floral wall installations (we will get into that juicy treat in a bit!),  and even in your bouquets – see below!!


There is no reason not to love a big bunch of flowers! Following on from the BIG floral displays in the hanging centrepieces mentioned above, oversized bouquets are our next favourite of this years wedding trends. Again they aren’t anything overly new, we have had cascading and trailing bouquets in the past, but it’s about making them bolder and mixing with other trends ,like the botanical greenery trend which is still huge, to create this voluptuous mass of floral genius. Think big puffy blooms like Peonies or Hydrangeas mixed with cutsie handpicked style blooms and wild botanic greenery. To.Die.For.

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The colour creatives at Pantone have been kind to us this year and for the first time in history of colour forecasts they have given us not one but two Pantone colours for this years wedding trends. Rose Quartz and Serenity (Blue). This is what the geniuses at Pantone say about each colour:

Rose Quartz – “The soothing, calming nature of colors in the Spring collections are led by Rose Quartz, a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Like a serene sunset, flushed cheek or budding flower, Rose Quartz reminds us to reflect on our surroundings during the busy but lighthearted spring and summer months.”

Serenity – “Weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, Serenity comforts with a calming effect, bringing a feeling of respite even in turbulent times. A transcendent blue, Serenity provides us with a naturally connected sense of space.”

The colourway is soft and beautiful and the two Pantones are equally as beautiful on their own as they are together so the opportunities to incorporate these colours are endless. Although coloured wedding dresses are nothing new, we just love the idea of the wedding dresses being infused with pastel pinks or blues and hope this trend really takes off in a big, big way. Prefer the traditional dress but want to mix it up a bit  with some pastel freshness?? Why not dye your hair a pastel pink? This trend is huge with celebrities at the moment and we just LOVE it too!

Florals will play a big part with these pantone choices too, think big florals of puffy heads of Hyndrangeas in pastel pink or blue and gorgeous peonies, pink wax/stocks and blue delphiniums mixed with soft white complimentary blooms.


Unusual food stations are taking the wedding trends world by storm , replacing the formalised sit down dinners that most people are used to and giving the bride and groom a chance to add a whimsical quirkiness to their special day. Packing a big punch are DIY food stations and especially food trucks offering fabulous gourmet snacks to please your guests throughout the night. They range from Cheese stations, popcorn bars, build-a-burger bars through to bubbly bars, mimosa bars and whiskey bars. The possibilities are endless and give the bride and groom a chance to show guests what foods they truly love and are able to share with their family and friends. We absolutely adore they style in which these food stations are being decorated with their rustic appeal but with huge amounts of fabulously gourmet offerings to contrast the rawness, and also scattered floral and botanical elements make its playful and beautiful. We cannot wait to see more of this happening at weddings, the social buzz and energy it gives off is truly fabulous.


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  • Kristen
    Posted at 08:25h, 30 March Reply

    I am in love with these 2016 trends. Good work with spotting them and writing such cool pieces about them. I’m keen to see the work you do around this inspiration.

    • lemontree
      Posted at 08:43h, 30 March Reply

      Hi Kristen,
      Thanks for the feedback. We are loving these trends at the moment and really excited to work at them to make them our own. Keep your eyes open for more blog posts about these trends and how you can use them in your own function or wedding!

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