Under the Sea - Lemontree Concepts
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Under the Sea


A corporate gala dinner hosted in an aquarium, is as tropical as it gets! With sharks swimming past and tanks of tropical fish and exotic corals as a backdrop we wanted to keep the focus on the under-the-sea theme. Utilizing neutral white linens, with hints of ocean blues and sea greens in the organza overlays for a sense of ocean waves and volume, we were able to add in the cool modern glow of LED lighting, lending to a sense of being under the sea with the exotic marine life displayed in the tanks around the guests. In order to bring the exotic nature to the tables, we custom made exotic fish tanks utilizing a mix of fake and real floral elements to create the vivid colours of corals and adding sea sand and shells with floating glass fish to complete the mini table aquarium. The end product was astoundingly vibrant with guest being able to enjoy the sea life around them with exotic décor on the tables.