Olympic Committee - Lemontree Concepts
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Olympic Committee


It wouldn’t be the first time we have been showcased on television, but this time we made it on an international level. With Lemontree Concepts being the chosen décor supplier in Durban during the International Olympic Committee televised draw; our work was seen around the globe and how amazing it was. Our work was to be used in all televised staging and conference areas and the presidential luncheon, with international presidential delegates attending. We wanted to showcase to the world, and attending presidents, an authentic African feel with a bit of an edge to it.

For all televised areas and conference rooms, hedges of African themed centrepieces, consisting of locally grown Strelitzia and pincushion Proteas, all lined with porcupine quills for extra edge, filled the stage areas with that African ambiance. Around the venue, South African inspired installations were put in place ensuring all spaces were filled with a sense of our native land. The presidential luncheon was filled with beautiful aloe centrepieces, ethnic beads and pincushion Protea florals.