Nautical - Lemontree Concepts
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A Nautical theme is for any event or wedding inspired by the ocean and its surrounds, it doesn’t haven’t to scream “ahoy” and despite its masculine undertones its easily altered to add feminine touches. The bold navy & white stripe combo is a classic choice with its clean, modern and trendy lines but the detailing is entirely personalised to choice. Contrasting pop colours of corals, red or metallic or rose gold adds a touch of finesse to the affair with dainty sparkle to the table.

Rope detailing can be added throughout the décor elements for that added nautical feel.  Nautical centrepieces can range with personal choice, from the preppy inspired ship details and bunting to the daintier floral displays of hydrangeas in whites and blues to the more rustic approach of driftwood details with beach sand and white pebbles paired with natural wooden tiffany chairs. Either looks fantastic and is dependent on the ambiance you want to set for your function. We just love themes of this nature, totally customisable but with the same themed undertones.