Moroccan - Lemontree Concepts
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A Moroccan décor theme just seeps richness in the deep velvety colours that permeate the air like a thousand splendid spices. An exotic mix of dark maroons, spicy burnt sienna and earthy oranges contrast against the shining of brass or silver Moroccan lanterns that glow a mosaic of light against the walls. For this theme we have it all to hire, from Moroccan cushions, carpets and handmade authentic tapestries to hanging lanterns, hand woven baskets and coloured tealights. Envisage rich textured fabrics from smooth silks to soft velvets, florals of vibrant orange blooms mixed with deep reds and spiky aloes complimented with berries and fruits. A theme like this is daring but tantalizing and a feast for the eyes and imagination.