Black Tie - Lemontree Concepts
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Black Tie


Taking inspiration from the semi-formal feel of the Black Tie dress code we kept the palette monochromatic for this theme. Mainly associated with private high-end parties, gala dinners and balls, black tie is a great way to give your event an exclusive and lavish feel with guests dressing to the nines. For the décor we wanted to use the boldness of just black and white for a strikingly modern look with touches of old school glamour as a nod to era’s gone by.

Filigree runners with matching lampshades sitting ontop of an illuminated martini vase (another nod to old fashioned glamour) have a fabulous design for a black tie event. Sleek black is brought to the table in the glossy black votive vases which could serve as vases for vibrant florals of choice to keep the event upscale. Scalloped edging napkins with rich satin and silver buckle detailing add to the air of Ritzy class.