Afro Chic - Lemontree Concepts
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Afro Chic


A corporate event held for the Durban film festival in an industrial styled venue, our object was to catch the essence of diversity and the vibrancy of our city and nation, displayed in the corporate branding and logo. To capture the vibrancy we chose vivid coloured linens, in fuchsia pinks and yellows, with alternating ethic centrepieces of Porcupine filled vases set against Zulu inspired beadwork and tall torched willow centrepieces with Proteas in votive vases finished off with rustic wooden beads.

Bringing the African feel to the place settings, napkins rolled within wooden napkin rings had delicate guinea fowl feathers placed on top. Venue lighting also played a huge part in the vibrancy of the bare brick work walls of the venue, with lights being set in the vivid pinks and yellows for a great ambient effect.